What is it on the very edge of our perceptions That we miss?
What lies beyond the precipice of darkness? 
What secrets do the shadows hide?

Talmun Shaed is a One player campaign and podcast featuring guest appearances from other CritHappens players and friends.

The world is set in the modern age and appropriately uses DND Modern for it's system. 
This campaign takes inspiration from Call of Cthulhu, The X-files, L.A. Confidential, Hellboy, Fables, The Witcher game franchise, They Live by Night, etc.

What aim to achieve with this campaign is not a simple thing.
On one hand I would like to tell a gruesome noir thriller delving into the darkness of not only the eldritch horrors, but also that of the human experience. The other hand; a story full of fantasy, exploration and light-hearted adventure. How well I can mold these together, or not leave them to abandonment, remains to be seen. 

A little bit about the world to get you started off:
The Story takes place in 2018. The same year we start off the podcast. 
Every perception you have about the world is duplicated within the story of the Talmun Shaed, save for some historical changes to help drive the fiction. In the same vain most large corporations may have not so accurate names. 

The Biggest Change however is that our story includes the beginning of a new cold war between Russia. 

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Talmun Shaed